About the site:

Comic Book Overkill (aka CBO productions) was started nearly two years ago as an outlet for Jordan Jennings to review comics and chime in on current issues in the industry. The organization has changed several times since then as members have come and go, but the core foundation still remains the same, to use various media to review comics objectively.

Past notable features were In Defense Of and Field Guide to the Bargain Bin, currently Jordan is writing for the Comic Book Revolution with his weekly column, XTREME Holofoil Edition. Comic Book Overkill is his outlet for more personal musings, his articles, and eventually his own webcomics

Other past contributors were the talented, Dan King and former editor Chad Barret. King did the excellent Uninitiated Comic Reader. Chad was behind the fun Amalgam Sundays.

About Jordan:

Jordan Jennings is the writer and main reviewer for Comic Book Overkill. He is also a comic book enthusiast and a college student majoring in Biology with a minor in Education. Jordan has a passion for comics of yesteryear which has become the driving force behind XTREME Holofoil Edition.