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Here it is folks after weeks of waiting here is the review of Cap Wolf. Spawn #1 review later this week along with Xombi #1










Last week I debuted the first entry into the new volume of XTREME Holofoil Edition, which you can still read here, and I stated that this week will be a retrospective on JLA Deluxe Hardcover vol.1 (The first 9 issues of JLA by Morrison and JLA Confidential #1 from Millar) and as you can tell, it’s not here yet.

There are reasons for that. The biggest reason was that I never got a chance to build a buffer like I wanted, and as such, rough weeks will lead to delays, quick. I’ve been ill since my 21st birthday and I haven’t had the chance to ever recover. It’s been a terrible time and I’m still struggling to get answers from the doctor.

I say this because I cannot guarantee a solid review schedule. I’m going to do my best to release content weekly. If I cannot, I will double the output that following week. Heck given the sheer amount of material I am determined to cover I might even double or even triple ship a week.

This also means I’m going to slim down the review themselves. At the end of Heroes Reborn I was averaging 3,000 words a review, and 2,500 words in the recent Youngblood Review. That is a lot of words to put down on paper for a single comic. I’m going to cut the synopsis down some. I’m going to aim to get the recap section down to one paragraph. This is similar to what I originally started doing with XHE but decided to do the method I’ve been using for the past reviews because it allowed me to sneak more images into the reviews.

I just don’t have the time to do something that isn’t truly relevant to the review. I think the critical half is the most important and should be the focus of the review.

So yeah I’m going to try to release XHE: JLA sometime this week along with another review. I will say October will have a Spawn review planned.

It’s finally here. The XTREME Holofoil Edition has come back to the Comic Book Revolution! This week I tackle Youngblood #1 and all of it’s Rob Liefeld goodness. As always click the picture to go to the review

Here is an art preview for you:

With art like that, how can you not click!

I have been ill this past month and have been unable to muster the strength to put together a string of words and form a decent review. I apologize for this. XHE vol. 2’s first review is nearly finished but I haven’t started anything beyond that. I had a whole month of September planned but I am going to be unable to finish what I had plan. I’ll just be moving them to a later date.

The reason I am saying this is tentatively scheduled is because I just don’t know what my condition will be later this week. I am having a procedure done later this week  that should give me some answers. I have talked about it on Twitter some, I haven’t done it yet on my own site. I wanted to provide all my readers an update on the situation.

Expect these following  XHE vol. 2 articles

Week of 9/22-Youngblood #1
Week of 9/29- JLA #1-4, a story arc review

I have a set of Halloween themed reviews ready for October. I need to schedule them first, though. Also I am planning a movie review of Spawn with my fellow Comic Book Revolutionaries Andrenn and Brandon. More on that as the date draws closer.

I am going on vacation this week and I thought I was going to be able to write up my review on Loose Cannon before I leave for Savannah Wednesday morning. Life works in crazy ways and I was sandwiched between two Vacations. So, I wasn’t able to write my review. I wasn’t sick or anything but I was just too busy to write about Loose Cannon #1. That said I have come down to three options for what to do about this week’s XTREME Holofoil Edition.

First option was to not run anything and just move things around some. I didn’t want to do this because I hate not running anything. Second option was to do another revisit of a comic covered in The Field Guide to The Comic Book Bargain Bin. This is my usual option whenever I know I won’t be able to get a review out on time. Decided not do to this because I want to save those for sick weeks. Third option is to do a set of commentary on the past XTREME Holofoil Editions, offer a proper introduction, and field some questions from readers. This is what I’ve decided to do.

I’ve been planning on doing a formal introduction to XTREME Holofoil Edition for some time. Considering I’ve been writing them for 3 months, going on 4, I think it’s overdue. Stuff like the background to XHE, the process that goes into an XHE, and the basic rules I follow.

The commentary was something I came up with recently. When I write an XHE, I leave some thoughts out in favor of helping the flow of the review. Then there are the moments when after I posted the review I re-read the  comic and have had more to add. The commentaries will allow to me to explain the reviews in greater detail.

The questions are just something that allows me to bring the readers into the reviews more often. I want reader input and enjoy aswering any random questions. So feel free to post a question in the comments. I have a few lined up, but more would be great.

That’s all I have to say today, I’ll have the article up Thursday on the Revolution. As for Loose Cannon #1,  the review will go up on the first Thursday of July.

Here it is folks, the finale of Heroes Reborn Month. Is Iron Man #1 another Captain America #1 or something more? Find out by clicking through and reading the review.

Edit: The link now works.

With Heroes Reborn Month wrapping up next week with Iron Man #1, it’s time for me to post the XHE schedule of June 2011. There is no real theme this month other than all the titles are DC. So read the solicits after the jump

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One of the single worst comics in the history of comics has been reviewed for XTREME Holofoil Edition. You can read it over at the Comic Book Revolution.

Click to go on to the review

I take a look at Jim Lee’s take on Fantastic Four here at the Revolution:

Fantastic Four #1

Click to go on to the review

Heroes Reborn month is finally here! I will be tackling the #1 issue from each of the four Heroes Reborn titles. You can read the first one right now over at The Comic Book Revolution.

In place of my usual text preview here is a preview of the art and that alone should speak about the comic


There’s more where that came from in the full review

You can read the review here:

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