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Here it is folks after weeks of waiting here is the review of Cap Wolf. Spawn #1 review later this week along with Xombi #1










It’s finally here. The XTREME Holofoil Edition has come back to the Comic Book Revolution! This week I tackle Youngblood #1 and all of it’s Rob Liefeld goodness. As always click the picture to go to the review

Here is an art preview for you:

With art like that, how can you not click!

Here it is folks, the finale of Heroes Reborn Month. Is Iron Man #1 another Captain America #1 or something more? Find out by clicking through and reading the review.

Edit: The link now works.

One of the single worst comics in the history of comics has been reviewed for XTREME Holofoil Edition. You can read it over at the Comic Book Revolution.

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Heroes Reborn month is finally here! I will be tackling the #1 issue from each of the four Heroes Reborn titles. You can read the first one right now over at The Comic Book Revolution.

In place of my usual text preview here is a preview of the art and that alone should speak about the comic


There’s more where that came from in the full review

You can read the review here:

New review is up on the Comic Book Revolution and it’s a double feature! I tackle both issues of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Savage Dragon Crossover (Savage Dragon #2 and TMNT/Savage Dragon Crossover #1). Here is a preview of the review-

93coverIt’s Company Crossover time here at XTREME Holofoil Edition! Company crossovers are more unique than line-wide event crossovers we see everywhere. It isn’t everyday you see two separate companies crossing over two of their biggest characters for many reasons, primarily due to legal constraints, revenue sharing, and overall massive ego’s between companies. So, whenever two companies cross things over it is a special occasion, at least until the 90’s when every company was crossing over left and right. This week we are going to take a look at a crossover that no one expected but still kicked some Shell. That crossover was between The Savage Dragon and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

While I really didn’t have to explain the origins of the Turtles and who they are, I am going to have to explain The Savage Dragon for most people. The Savage Dragon is (or was, long story) a cop working for Chicago Police Department as a superpowered cop that specialized in taking down Superhumans. Given his unique skill set, The Savage Dragon was frequently loaned out to other cities, which is key to today’s reviews.

Yes, reviews. You get two full reviews for the place of one. This is because The Savage Dragon/TMNT crossover was a two part comic, one issue taking part in the Savage Dragon ongoing and the other being a special one shot. This means a couple things. Firstly, the Turtles are officially apart of the cannon of Savage Dragon and several other Image titles. Secondly, it is confusing to people buying the comics in the back issues bin. Of course it was done this way to sort out the whole how do the publishers make money from this by both publishing a tie-in (common with crossovers). Now with that said we shall begin the double feature.

You can read the entire double sized review at:

This week’s XTREME Holofoil Edition is up over at the Comic Book Revolution. This week I take a look at Silver Surfer #50.

Go Read it here:

Now for the news. I will be redesigning the site here soon and rebranding it. I have some ideas that don’t fit the Revolution so they’ll be hosted here. The redesign should be in a couple days.

This week on the Revolution, I review a Batman PSA comic from the 90’s that deals with landmines callled: Batman: Death off Innocents- the horror of landmines. Like always here is a preview:


Batman: Death of Innocents- the horror of landmines

Creative Staff:
Writer: Dennis O’Neil
Penciller: Joe Staton
Inker: Bill Sienkiewicz
Colorist: Ian Laughlin
Letter: John Costanza
Background: In 1996, DC released a series of comics targeting the horror of landmines. The three comics featured DC’s big three characters (Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman.Superman: Deadly Legacy and Superman and Wonder Woman: The Hidden Killer both produced for foreign audiences (Croatia and Serbia and Latin America, respectively). Batman- Death of Innocents: The Horror of Landmines (DOI from this point on) was the unique one of the group as it was produced for American audiences to show the true horror of landmines and their indiscriminate method of killing.

DC gave the task of creating the graphic novel to longtime Batman writer Dennis O’Neil, the supremely talented Joe Staton, and the phenomenal inker Bill Sienkiewicz. One would think this a perfect fit for such an important comic. Who is better than Dennis O’Neil to write a Batman story of this magnitude? This should be one of the best Batman comics ever written, but the truth is that it’s one of the weakest.

PSA comics, like this one, often suffer from having to convey a certain amount of information in a limited number of pages while at the same time keeping a decent story running. More often than not, something has to give and the message is lost. If it is the story or information, it does not matter because if one slips the comic has failed. This is why Batman- Death of Innocents: The Horror of Landmines is one of the weakest Batman stories ever written. It manages to fail in terms of story and conveyance of the message.\


You can read the full review over at


Also last week I was ill and overwhelmed by school so I revisted my old Supreme #1 review and fixed a lot of things. I posted that on the revolution and you can read it here:

It’s new comic book day and you know what that means! A new X-TREME Holofoil Edition is up exclusively at The Comic Book Revolution. Here is a preview though

Thunderstrike #1 CoverThunderstrike #1

Creative Staff:
Script & Plot– Tom Defalco
Pencils– Ron Frenz
Finished Art- Al Milgrom
Lettering– Rick Parker
Color– Mike Rockwitz

Thor has an odd history. During the Bronze Age, he was briefly bonded to a man named Eric Masterson, much like how Thor and Donald Blake were bonded. Their adventures were grand and epic, but eventually Thor decided to return to Asgard. In his place, though, Thor handpicked Eric as his replacement. In the place of Mjolnir , Thor has Odin forge a new weapon: the enchanted mace, Thunderstrike. Striking out on his own Thunderstrike aims to help people all the while struggling with new powers, his life and his commitment to hold up the honor of Thor. These adventures were chronicled in the series, Thunderstrike. The subject of this week’s review is Thunderstrike #1. It  is a microcosm of the 1990’s. It has the replacement of a classic Silver Age character for a more edgy, modern character; features some wonky art; 90’s character designs complete with mullets, single earring wearing men, and sleeveless, leather jackets/vests; it has a special foil cover; and it has a character named Bloodaxe.


Surprisingly, not the most 90's design of the issue

Is that not enough? Well, you can read the rest of the review over at the Comic Book Revolution

Starting next week I will be posting and writing a series of articles for Comic Book Revolution- The art series is titled The X-treme Holo-Foil Edition and will focus on comics from the bronze/dark age. It is the spiritual successor to It Came From The Bargain Bin! and A Field Guide to the Comic Book Bargain Bin. The articles will be weekly and released every Wednesday (school pending)  on the site. I will post links to the articles on here but the only place you can read it is Comic Book Revolution.

I cannot wait for this new endevour and I encourage you all to check them out. This project has been long in the making and some of the better reviews I’ve written. Below is the schedule for the first five reviews.

So be sure to check out The X-treme Holo-foil Edition every Wednesday over at Comic Book Revolution.

The X-treme Holo-Foil Edition release schedule-

3/2- Force Works #1
3/9- Static #3
3/16- Thunderstrike #1
3/23- Batman- Death of Innocents GN
3/30- Silver Surfer #50


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