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Here it is folks after weeks of waiting here is the review of Cap Wolf. Spawn #1 review later this week along with Xombi #1










With Silver Surfer #50 out this week (go read it by the way) I feel it’s time to tell the rest of the schedule for the next two months.

For April:

April 13th- Aquaman (Peter David’s) #1

April 20th- New Mutants #87 (Liefeld’s first appearance on XHE)

April 27th- Savage Dragon/TMNT Crossover Double Feature (Savage Dragon #2 and Savage Dragon/TMNT one-shot)

In May, I am bring out my first theme month. The theme: Heroes Reborn.

May 4th- Captain America #1

May 11th- Fantastic Four #1

May 18th- Avengers #1

May 25th- Iron Man #1

You can read them all only at

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