The X-treme Holofoil Edition has taken a couple forms before it’s current incarnation. So here are the past reviews that were proto-XHE

The earliest review dealing with Dark Age Comics that I wrote was about X-force #1.

Next, I did one video in an attempt to make the jump to video. Ultimately, I decided to just go with text reviews but this is still important to the site.

The one video I made was It Came From The Bargain Bin!- Spider-man #13

Following the brief excursion into video. I started A review series tackling comics from the bargain bin. Offering some tips and advice when you go bin diving your self. That series was called Field Guide to the Bargain Bin.

The Introduction-

Entry #1:  Hamilton Comics’ Mighty Morphing Power Rangers #1

#2: Prophet #5

#3: Supreme #1

#4: The Punisher vol.2 #60-62 aka The Black Punisher arc

#5- Superman #123

I eventually put the series on hiatus as I finished a hectic school semester, but I did bring it back as a new series, exclusive to The Comic Book Revolution, titles The X-treme Holofoil Edition. The focus shifted to all comics from mid 80’s to late 90’s not just Bargain Bin Fodder.  Here are the reviews so far. Keep checking back for future reviews to be added.

The X-treme Holofoil Edition:

Force Works #1-

Static #3-