I officially decided to join the Revolution full time back in January but I have just now got around to getting my reviews in order and posted on the site. I have gone through many life changes since the last review. First, I am now engaged to a wonderful woman named Miranda. We’ve been dating for over 2 years and are set to wed in October. Second, I underwent gallbladder surgery over the holidays to fix a reoccurring health problem. As of now, the problem has been resolved and I feel a million times better. Third, I wrapped up student teaching and I am close to graduating college. I have been Peter Parker’d and had to take 2 more credit hours but I have resolved the problem and I am nearly done with the class. Now I am embarking on the world of professional job hunting and marriage. It’s going to be crazy but fun.

Now this brings me to my decision to officially join the Revolution full time and what it means for this site. First, it shuts down this site as an active web page. There will still be some of the older reviews on the site and the page will still remain up with a link to redirect people to the new home of my reviews. The primary reason behind the move was that I was pretty much full time over there as it was and this site has reverted to a nonstop link fest. I don’t have much time to maintain my own page and create separate content. Second, I do receive review copies of several comics thanks to the Revolution and I couldn’t really review them for this page with a clear mind. Third, it is the best for the possible views. My readership will increase and it will help spread the word.

I want to thank all of the fans who have supported me all these years and I hope to see your comments and support as I move over to the Comic Book Revolution full time under the feature name: X-treme Corner.


Here is the link to the page that will house my reviews from now on. Here is one final link, my new comic review and first official review for the X-treme Corner: Youngblood #71