Last week I debuted the first entry into the new volume of XTREME Holofoil Edition, which you can still read here, and I stated that this week will be a retrospective on JLA Deluxe Hardcover vol.1 (The first 9 issues of JLA by Morrison and JLA Confidential #1 from Millar) and as you can tell, it’s not here yet.

There are reasons for that. The biggest reason was that I never got a chance to build a buffer like I wanted, and as such, rough weeks will lead to delays, quick. I’ve been ill since my 21st birthday and I haven’t had the chance to ever recover. It’s been a terrible time and I’m still struggling to get answers from the doctor.

I say this because I cannot guarantee a solid review schedule. I’m going to do my best to release content weekly. If I cannot, I will double the output that following week. Heck given the sheer amount of material I am determined to cover I might even double or even triple ship a week.

This also means I’m going to slim down the review themselves. At the end of Heroes Reborn I was averaging 3,000 words a review, and 2,500 words in the recent Youngblood Review. That is a lot of words to put down on paper for a single comic. I’m going to cut the synopsis down some. I’m going to aim to get the recap section down to one paragraph. This is similar to what I originally started doing with XHE but decided to do the method I’ve been using for the past reviews because it allowed me to sneak more images into the reviews.

I just don’t have the time to do something that isn’t truly relevant to the review. I think the critical half is the most important and should be the focus of the review.

So yeah I’m going to try to release XHE: JLA sometime this week along with another review. I will say October will have a Spawn review planned.