If you don’t know or haven’t figured out by now, XTREME Holofoil Edition is indeed on a temporary hiatus. I really do mean temporary, too. This isn’t like Field Guide To The Comic Book Bargain Bin, where it was a flawed review system and the rules were very much limiting. That’s the reason you saw a rebirth of the review series as XHE. It allowed me to change the review system in a way that allowed for far more balanced opinions on the book and gave the reviews a proper structure that I felt it needed desperately. It was a sinking ship that had I to abandon in order to build a much stronger, fast ship that could meet a wider criteria without following a very narrow rule set.

So,there is no plan to reboot XHE, it is just going to be a relaunch. I am aiming for the first week of September, but I could be off by a few days, give or take. I am currently going through the surprisingly difficult task of picking the best books to review. I am going to try to be more selective for this upcoming volume of XHE, as I feel that I should try to bring the most entertaining books to the forefront. I don’t believe in solely reviewing old bad comics like some of my fellow reviewers, but instead I try to balance things out by reviewing some really good comics along with some okay ones.

I have had an issue with the current comic book community (or at least the very vocal minority) and that is snark and cynicism has taken over the comic book community. Everyone is quick to pile on to the hate that many associate with the dark age, but very few tend to praise the things that were done right. Sure, not ever title was Sandman or Alan Moore’s Supreme, but not every title was Bloodpool and Clone Saga either. Everything is very much polarized in our world from our politics down to our very stance on entertainment. This is my issue with the comic community and this is what I strive to fix with XHE. I want to be the voice of reason in a world that has fallen under the Cult of Snark. Sure, I might be harsh on a comic I review, but if I am harsh on anything it’s for a damn good reason. A reason that I try to prove with evidence and logic. I know it is fun to rip into things (I do it myself from time to time), but it has gone too far. XHE aims to fix that.

I guess I should elaborate on what were the flaws within the Field Guide series and how did XHE fix them. The biggest flaw within the Field Guide series was the format I started with by using the Critic’s Three Questions. It was not a bad idea at first, but as time went on it presented a whole new problem. It lacked any real structure to allow for me to use images and present a synopsis. I did manage to do something to fix these issues but the lack of any real defining structure doomed the series. XHE fixes it by following a solid structure I’ve based of the core structure of Comic Book Revolution. This structure is far easier to read, follow, and get a clear understanding on what the review was about.

Then there was the changing of the rules. The Field Guide series was limited to what I got in the bargain bin but over time I learned that not everything can come from the Bargain Bin and as such I needed to tweak the rules. That’s why I picked the Dark Age (1985-2000).  I know not the true Dark Age but easiest description of the era. This is the era so readily available and relatively cheap. Except Spawn #1. That costs 10 bucks. The name had to change because Field Guide to the Dark Age didn’t ring and it was too long. XTREME Holofoil Edition is a great name that describes the series in three words. People who hear it knows what I am going to talk about. That’s why I rebooted everything earlier this year.

As for the upcoming volume of XHE, I will be tackling a diverse selection of comics including indie comics and non-super books. Also I will be taking on more diversity in the titles from the Big Two. There will be more smaller named titles this volume. Here is a short list of possible comics (as nothing is set yet):

The Image Founding First (Spawn, Cyberforce, Youngblood, Savage Dragon, Wildc.a.t.S, Wetworks, and Shadowhawk)
Zero Hour
Punisher anything
Nomad anything
X-force #1

That’s about it. Sill working on a review schedule and the reviews. This break was much needed and has recharge my batteries.