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Here is the survey concerning DCnU. Your answer will be included in a future article that I will either writer or, I don’t know just yet which one will get it. So if you don’t want your answer printed include “DO NOT PRINT” in the reply. Also if you choose to be known, please include some background on yourself for some perspective. Limit it to around 1-3 sentences, please. So without further ado, here is the survey.

1. Given the news of the DC reboot and the decision to renumber every major title, what is your opinion on the idea of comic book re-numbering

2. Do you feel the numbering on a comic is an important aspect to the medium? Please explain your stance.

3. Do you feel that large numbers on the cover of a comic book are off putting to new readers? Please elaborate on this.

4. Why do you think people are so defensive about the issue number on a series?

5. The core story at the heart of the DC reboot is the decision to go line-wide “Day and Date” digital releases, which both print and digital version of comics come out on the same day. What are your opinions on this model and DC’s decision to undercut Diamond Distributors?

6. The Massive DC reboot has brought up discussion on Line-wide reboots throughout the fandom. Do you think Line Wide Reboots are a good idea, especially to attract new readers?

7.  Many have called the DC reboot a chance to see what would it be like if we had the internet during Crisis on Infinite Earths. One can assume this means the DC reboot is next Crisis on Infinite Earths. Would you agree that this reboot is very much a Crisis on Infinite Earths?

8. Do you think the upcoming advertising campaign for DC comics will be beneficial to the Reboot and comics in general?

9. Do you think the DC Reboot will successful in bringing in new readers?

10. Do you think that DC will keep this reboot even if it isn’t an overwhelming success?

11. Of the 52 new DC titles, What is your pull-list for September? Link to the solicits-

12. Which title do you think will be canceled first, and why?

13. Big question, with DC’s decision to return Barbra Gordon’s ability to walk, return her to the mantle of Batgirl, and seemingly leaving Oracle behind; what is your opinion on this? Are you glad Barbra is walking again, or do you see this as a blow to the “people with disabilities” community?

14. Finally, what is your overall opinion on the DC reboot?

You can reply to the survey in Comments or, the much prefered way, email. You can email your response to




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