With Heroes Reborn Month wrapping up next week with Iron Man #1, it’s time for me to post the XHE schedule of June 2011. There is no real theme this month other than all the titles are DC. So read the solicits after the jump

XTREME Holofoil Edition June 2011 Schedule

June 2nd will bring Loose Cannon #1

Loose Cannon is a Hulk-type character that was a part of the failed New Blood movement of the early 90’s. Loeb is behind Loose Cannon, proving he’s written more Hulk type characters than anyone has any right to do.

June 9th will bring about Extreme Justice #0

It’s Extreme, it’s a 0 issue, and It’s deliciously 90’s. Extreme Justice #0 is a perfect fit for the XTREME Holofoil Edition.

June 16th brings out Iron Lantern #1

This review will be going live the  day before Green Lantern movie comes out. I promised everyone a Green Lantern book. Did you expect me to doing something typical. This will be the first (of many) Amalgam Comics for XHE. It’s basically a what if Green Lantern and Iron Man merged into one.

June 23rd will see Adventures of Superman Annual #3

The first Armageddon 2001 tie in for XHE, as well as first true Superman comic. Adventures of Superman Annual #3 is a potential future timeline story in which Lois dies carrying child. Featuring the work of Louise Simonson and Bryan Hitch. How did no one tell me Hitch did a Superman comic? Well this one should be interesting for XHE

Since June is a 5 week month, I have one more review to solicit. Here it is:

June 30th will see !mpact Comics: Legend of the Shield Annual #1

While I promised Red Circle characters, I couldn’t find a single issue. I did find this though, a Red Circle character licensed to DC. Legend of the Shield Annual #1 features multiple stories. This review marks the first appearance of a Red Circle character.