The main purpose behind this blog is to state that for the time being XHE will be posting on Thursdays for the rest of the summer to accommodate for the larger reviews that I’ve been doing. I know it might not make any sense on how this would give more time, but you got to understand the scheduling I do. I start writing and reading on Thursdays and post on Wednesdays. I will be giving myself an extra day to get stuff together. Expect Heroes Reborn Fantastic Four #1 to go up Thursday sometime.

In other news, still hammering out a schedule for June. I am trying to get some Archie Adventures/Red Circle/Impact comics but having difficulty finding them. I can say that I will be doing at least one Green Lantern review for XHE for the week that the movie comes out. Same goes for Captain America for July. I will be putting together a Final Schedule either this week or next as I need to know in order to buffer up for Vacations. I am also hammering out an exact time to unveil my next big themed event (Like Heroes Reborn month). It will deal with the Image Founders, but not sure on what date to start them. What I have planned right now is a massive undertaking and one I have no clue if I could even manage such a feat.

Still looking for a name for a letters column, which I think would be a nice add on to the reviews at the end.

In other news I am going to continue to redesign the website: Fix the categories, tags, etc. I will be doing a set of quickie reviews for the Free Comic book day books I got starting, most likely, next week. 15 books to cover and that’s a lot of content to edit. I am also planning to do some proper reviews for Fear Itself (which I am enjoying more than I should) and other titles that have been covered by the Revolution already. There are plans to do something related to the massive stack of unread comics from last summer/fall/winter. It might be a video recap or something. Should be interesting.

Going to try to do more videos this summer and will be working on some secret projects.

Like always, Thanks for reading.

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