I was so busy last week that I didn’t have the time to make last week’s Aquaman post. Here is the preview!

Aquaman_v.5_1Of all of the original founding members of the Justice League, Aquaman (Arthur Curry) seems to have the most difficult time holding down a series. He has six ongoings under his belt and a seventh one is on the way after Brightest Day wraps up. The character has under gone several reboots and at one point was replaced with a younger version from the multi-verse in hopes to make him look cool. It is as if no writer can capture what Aquaman is about without him coming off as lame so DC has to reboot the series constantly. Aquaman #1 (vol. 5) is one of these reboots.

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Now, this week’s XHE, in which I take a look at New Mutants #87, the first appearance of Cable!

1046580-new_mutants_87_2p_superNew Mutants #87

Creative Staff:
Writer: Louise Simonson
Penciler: Rob Liefeld
Inker:  Bob Wiacek
Letter: Joe Rosen
Color: M. Rockwitz

This one started it all. This is the comic that spring boarded Liefeld’s career and the eventual birth of Image. Sure Rob Liefeld had some work before New Mutants #87, but nothing on the level of this comic. “Hawk and Dove” and the Nightshade story do not have anything on how critical this one issue is to the comic book industry. New Mutant was Liefeld’s big break. This issue was his very first issue on the title and he quickly introduces some key characters into the X-men universe. First being, The Mutant Liberation Front, which hasn’t been big in the recent years but in the 90’s they played a role in majority of the events. Next key character was the introduction of Stryfe, who is the evil clone of Cable and leader of the MLF and was in the recent Messiah War crossover. Finally, New Mutants #87 includes the very first appearance of a personal favorite character of mine, Cable.


Why do I love Cable? Could be something to do with the fact I owned a Cable toy as a child and it was one of my favorite toys. It could be the fact he was a total Boss in the X-men cartoon. It could also be the fact he screams cool to me. I am a child of the 90’s after all and the renegade thing is awesome. The fact this comic is his first appearance was a major deciding factor for me to buy it.  With that all said, let’s talk about New Mutants #87

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