It’s new comic book day and you know what that means! A new X-TREME Holofoil Edition is up exclusively at The Comic Book Revolution. Here is a preview though

Thunderstrike #1 CoverThunderstrike #1

Creative Staff:
Script & Plot– Tom Defalco
Pencils– Ron Frenz
Finished Art- Al Milgrom
Lettering– Rick Parker
Color– Mike Rockwitz

Thor has an odd history. During the Bronze Age, he was briefly bonded to a man named Eric Masterson, much like how Thor and Donald Blake were bonded. Their adventures were grand and epic, but eventually Thor decided to return to Asgard. In his place, though, Thor handpicked Eric as his replacement. In the place of Mjolnir , Thor has Odin forge a new weapon: the enchanted mace, Thunderstrike. Striking out on his own Thunderstrike aims to help people all the while struggling with new powers, his life and his commitment to hold up the honor of Thor. These adventures were chronicled in the series, Thunderstrike. The subject of this week’s review is Thunderstrike #1. It  is a microcosm of the 1990’s. It has the replacement of a classic Silver Age character for a more edgy, modern character; features some wonky art; 90’s character designs complete with mullets, single earring wearing men, and sleeveless, leather jackets/vests; it has a special foil cover; and it has a character named Bloodaxe.


Surprisingly, not the most 90's design of the issue

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