While I have hundreds of comics lined up for the site, not all of them are fit to review. Most of my bargain bin comics are actually a few long runs of series so it’s not that diverse for the column considering I am trying to avoid touch the same series every other week. So with that said I still do active bin dives. These bin dives are usually focused around a list of comics I take with me. I should talk more about the act of bin diving but that is for a later day. Back to the topic at hand, I usually know what I am looking for and I do my best for find it.

Well here is something I have to admit straight up. I was not alive or at least not old enough to read, let alone read comics, during the era of comics I talk about in the column. This makes things odd for me. I know of certain comics to look out for when I dive, and I have bought them or still hunting. The problem for me is that I don’t know of all of the comics that were released in that era. Sure the really bad stuff is remembered collectively and I will find them. Same goes for the good stuff. It’s the smaller titles or ones that aren’t in the forefront of the collective conscious of the comic book fan world. I am looking for more of these titles as they are the fun ones to review.

So I am making an open call to everyone out there. What are some comics I should be on the look out for next time I go bin diving? Any suggestion will do big or small, it doesn’t matter. I would like to have some clues on what I should look for when diving. What my readers would like to see covered.

Send me an email over at: comicbookoverkill@gmail.com and include any suggestions you might have. Who knows, you might actually see it covered on The X-treme Holo-Foil Edition