Today over at Comic Book Revolution I have posted my new review- The X-treme Holo-foil Edition: Static #3. As usual it is exlusive to the site but here is a preview and a link to the full review over at the Revolutition


Static  #3
Written by: Robert L. Washington, Dwayne McDuffie
Penciled by- John Paul Leon
Inker- Steve Mitchell
Colorist- Noelle Giddings
Color Asst.- J. Brown
Letter- Steve Hayne















The recent passing of Dwayne McDuffie has inspired me to go out and find an issue of his work to read and review for the Revolution. If you did not know, McDuffie was one of the creative forces behind Milestone comics. Milestone was created by DeWayne McDuffie,Denys Cowan, Michael Davis and Derek T. Dingle as a response to the lack of people of color in comic books at the time. They produced several titles and were published by DC comics much in the same way as Wildstorm was published. The difference though is that Milestone retained all the rights to their characters and essentially licensed them to DC comics for a fee and a cut of the profits. The Milestone universe (Dakotaverse, after the fictional city that was the central location for majority of the line) was a separate universe from the main DC universe and remained that way until 2009 when it was announced that Milestone (the comic division was shut down in 1997) would have their characters joining the main DC universe. This column doesn’t deal with new comics so it’s obvious that today’s comic takes place long before Milestone joined DC proper.

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