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Force Works #1
Creative Staff:
Writers– Dan Abnette and Andy Lanning
Penciler- Tom Tenney
Inker– Ray Garcia
Colorist– Joe Rosas
Letterer– Jack Morelli

Force Works #1 is something else. Let us start with some facts about what this comic is, first. It is a first issue of a new team book. It is also a follow up to the West Coast Avengers. It is a book that stars most of the aforementioned West Coast Avengers. It is from the early 1990’s. It is written by Dan Abnette and Andy Lanning (DnA for those who don’t follow the Modern Marvel Space Epics). Now, let us continue with what this book is not. It is not an X-men book. It is not a DC book. It is most definitely not an Avengers book (it goes out of its way to establish this.) Finally, it is not a good comic book, far from it actually.

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