Starting next week I will be posting and writing a series of articles for Comic Book Revolution- The art series is titled The X-treme Holo-Foil Edition and will focus on comics from the bronze/dark age. It is the spiritual successor to It Came From The Bargain Bin! and A Field Guide to the Comic Book Bargain Bin. The articles will be weekly and released every Wednesday (school pending)  on the site. I will post links to the articles on here but the only place you can read it is Comic Book Revolution.

I cannot wait for this new endevour and I encourage you all to check them out. This project has been long in the making and some of the better reviews I’ve written. Below is the schedule for the first five reviews.

So be sure to check out The X-treme Holo-foil Edition every Wednesday over at Comic Book Revolution.

The X-treme Holo-Foil Edition release schedule-

3/2- Force Works #1
3/9- Static #3
3/16- Thunderstrike #1
3/23- Batman- Death of Innocents GN
3/30- Silver Surfer #50