Well it’s that time of the year again. Christmas Time! A wonderful time of the year where a jolly, rotund elf gives out presents to all the good kids of the earth.This year for you all I am sharing with you a favorite christmas special featuring everyone’s favorite comic book character: Opus. Sorry, I tried to find X-men’s Christmas or Christmas with the Joker but youtube can be fickle. I don’t want to show you Charlie Brown’s because, well let’s be honest, everyone watches that one. So this year I am showing the special that I do remember watching as a kid but never see on T.V.  these days.

The special is called  “A Wish For Wings That Work”  it features Opus the penguin, from the comic strips “Bloom County” and “Opus”, asking Santa (for Christmas) for a set wings that work. Also features Opus’s various attempts to fly himself. It’s a fun special that has gotten lost to time and I have fond memories of watching (I still have it recorded on a VHS somewhere). So for your viewing enjoyment here’s A Wish For Wings That Work

Also for Christmas, here’s Santa Cable