‘Then check out the Hub. The Hub is a new channel owned by Hasbro and Discovery. The channel was formally Discovery Kids which means you might have it and don’t know it yet. What makes this channel awesome is the fact they air the original Adam West Batman, a show that isn’t available on DVD despite fan outcry. So check out the Hub at 11:30 pm est (and several times afterwards) Monday through Thursday.

While I am at it there are a couple other comic book shows that are on the Hub, let’s see how about Batman Beyond. You know the amazing Cyberpunk Batman series that followed Young Terry McGennis and the one show that kicked so much tail in the 90’s. Yeah it’s on tv again. It’s amazing they show two different sides of Batman on the network. Only if they could air Batman TAS or Superman TAS. Well a man can dream but you can watch Batman Beyond at 5:30 PM est and throughout the day on the Hub.

Other shows rounding out the line up are Transformers (G1), GI Joe: Real American Hero, Dennis and Gnasher (a British cartoon based on a popular British Comic strip), and soon to come Transformers Prime and GI Joe Renegades.

For more information on the Hub check out the website- http://www.hubworld.com/ (Don’t let the Taylor Swift promo fool you. The channel is great and for all members of the family)