Let me get this out of the way, I am a white, red-headed middle class straight male. I come from the prototypical Nuclear Family and have been fortunate. Don’t believe me? Just look at me:

Not a very good picture.

So really I am not truly affected by race issues. Yeah I am embarrassed to be associated with people who make total asses of themselves with insensitive comments about race in comics.  These comments have been cropping up more often (or at least given more press) here lately and some comments from people I’ve read after the announcement yesterday with Black Panther becoming the new Man without fear just brought it to the breaking point for me. The comments have been mixed. From people talking about how there are some better choices for the new man with Fear to just plain racist hate.

So first I am going to have to say this, T’challa is not becoming Daredevil. He’s becoming the new “Man without fear.” He is not putting on the horns. He is staying his original costume and the book is even being renamed Black Panther: Man without Fear and continuing the numbering from Daredevil (So it’s like Incredible Hercules a few years back). The misconception that T’Challa was going to put on the horns led to some serious racist comments and rants about Affirmative Action and diversity in comics. I will admit I think it would be cheap for Marvel put him in the Horns just to get a more diverse roster but I would also be open for it (Though if Daredevil should be black I think it should be a new character instead of an established one). It’s the idea that they are willing to replace a white, Catholic with someone of a different nationality that seems to scare some of these people. Like their precious world of white heroes would be devastated if this happened. This fear is apparent in the rather radical reactions I’ve read. Why are we so opposed to this?  This isn’t a case of an established character waking up one day and being a different ethnicity all together (this is a bad thing and sadly more common in comics. Conner Hawke for example), It’s another character taking up the mantle: Man without Fear but not the costume nor name Daredevil. If people get worked up over this I might as well get pissed at Hercules taking the title Incredible from the hulk. He’s a Greek God after all.

The fact that people are getting worked up over Black Panther taking over the Daredevil book for some time because he’s black and not story reasons just pisses me off and makes me embarrassed to be even associated with them.