So it turns out one of my followers on Twitter (and I follow him as well) worked on Supreme #1 doing coloring and background work. This is awesome news. His name is Kevin Broden and he has a blog over here- (Which he kindly mentions the site and the review, thanks again.)

Now for the reason of the follow-up is to correct something.  In the review I stated something along the lines of “If Bloodstrike can get a solo title before you then something is wrong” This is in reference to the team Heavy Mettle. Well Kevin pointed out to me that Heavy mettle was created by Brian Murphy in hopes in getting a spin-off but never did. Why it never got one wasn’t explained but I just wanted to correct my citation in that Brian Murphy created Heavy Mettle (and Kevin did the backstory work on it too) and not Rob Liefeld.

In other news- I plan on releasing a special Field Guide next week in place of Superman #123. The Superman review is actually finished (just needs editing and picture placement) but the review I am working  on is something I’ve been meaning to tackle for a while and it should be fun. So expect special review next week, then Superman #123 the following week. I do have an order in my mind on how I want to release these things and any overall themes. I can say I plan for October to be a Halloween themed month and that’s about it. Not really comfortable putting out a schedule and not being able to meet it again. So I am effectively winging it.  Also I am taking suggestions and recommendations for Field Guide entries. Now the only stipulation for it to qualify as a Field Guide is for it to be something you found in a Bargain Bin or anything before the year 2000. Just shoot me an email at