For my birthday this year my amazing girlfriend got me the new B.o.B CD. You may know B.o.B for his songs- Beautiful Girls, Airplanes (very overplayed by the way) and Magic but the whole CD has an obvious comic book feel to it. From the title (B.o.B Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray) to the cover art and even the song titles (5th Dimension). The album contains numerous songs with subtle comic book references (Beautiful Girls has the line- “Your my Wonder Woman. Call me Mr. Fantastic.”) and today’s Comic Book Tunes is one of them.

Past My Shades is about ignoring haters by wearing sunglasses (wow I feel really white saying that.) but it can obviously be turned into an anthem for the greatest X-man of them all, Cyclops. I am obviously cheating as Scott Summers name is dropped in the last verse but the whole song feels like it could be a song about good ol’ Slim. So check out Past my Shades by B.o.B featuring the ever talented Lupe Fiasco: