Hello, I’m Jordan Jennings. You might know me as that guy who did those slightly humorous “In Defense Of” articles and other comic reviews. Well I am here today to announce a new project that will be coming out soon. That project is simply titled A Field Guide To The Comic Book Bargain Bin. It’s primarily about me and my passion for the comic book bargain bin.  It’s weird I know, but the bargain bin is a wonderful place where you can find some of the best comics ever made, but you can also find some of the worst pieces of so-called “sequential art” that has ever been conceived there as well. I know popular reviewers out there tend to pick on bargain bin fodder, namely Linkara (Normally I wouldn’t mention him but it’s the elephant in the room and the material may have some overlap. So I rather address it now instead of later in the comment sections.), but I will try not to do the same comics they cover unless I feel I can offer a new stance on the material or if for some reason I get a request for a certain comic a reviewer may have covered in the past. Instead I want to focus on the unsung comics that I find or stuff that sticks out to me.

Now over the past couple years I have amassed an impressive collection of bargain bin comics through either person bin diving or from my friend’s donations to me. So for the first batch of articles/reviews I will probably focus on them as I have a ton of them. It’s my goal to make each article interesting  to everyone by adding some background to each review ie: the story behind the comic, the story of how I got the comic, or the comics lasting impact. This should be a fun ride and maybe you will learn something. I want this to act like a field guide to the act of Bin diving (Like the title states.). Something you can read before heading to the comic shop and know what to do or what to look for while bin diving.

I will be devoting a few articles to focus just on some major era’s and companies contributions to the bargain bin. I will go ahead and say the 90’s is the largest era of bargain bin fodder and certain companies (Valiant Comics) have a larger presence than others when it comes to the bin. So in a way you can view this series as a history lesson of comics as well as something that is enjoyable.

That’s it for this introductory article and I hope you have enjoyed it. Join me next time when I will be covering my first bargain bin comic. What will it be? Not sure just yet, though I am leaning to a certain Power Rangers comic.