Dr. Strangefate #1 has been on my list of “comics to look out for while bin diving” (wordy list title, I know.) for some time now. Actually all the Amalgam comics are on my immediate buy list and so far I have amassed a decent amount of them, but I never could find an issue of Strangefate in the bins. That’s the draw back of Bargain Bins, you don’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you…Sorry get into Stone mode sometimes. Back to the point, you don’t always find what you are looking for but you sometimes find something better. This was not that case. I was needing this comic to kick off a series of reviews. See, Dr. Strangefate #1 is the key comic in the Amalgam Universe and the most important in the grand scheme of things and to kick off a series of reviews without it would be foolish and impossible. So I did what any desperate nerd does, I turned to the internet. To my look I found an issue of Dr. Strangefate on ebay for a cheap price (a dollar) and I promptly ordered it. Well now it’s here and I am holding in my hands.

When will the review come out? Lord only knows. I am in no rush to do these things and I rather take my time with them, but whenever it comes out you will be pleased. I just wanted to share this random news and some insight into the world of Bin Diving.