Hard to believe the first Major Green Lantern-centered event since Zero Hour (I’m talking company crossovers not Green Lantern Events) is coming to an end this week. It’s been nearly a year since Blackest Night began with Blackest Night #0 and it’s finally wrapping up. In this age of Event Fatigue and general dislike of the event process it is a relief to see an event juggernaut finally lay down to rest. Blackest Night had a great run and was one of the more enjoyable events in the past 5 years or so, but it’s just taxing on the readers to keep up with a book that has the scope of Blackest Night. Blackest Night had a grand total of 67 tie-in issues. Here is a break down of those 67:

38 tie-ins were in 12 ongoing series. 18 of those 38 issues came from the two Green Lantern titles alone. The other 10 ongoings make up for the other 20 issues.
8 tie-ins were apart of the resurrected dead titles promotion. I counted these separate from the ongoings because, well, they are just glorified one-shots.
The last 21 tie-ins are from the 7 mini-series. 6 of the miniseries focused on characters and teams that were already tied up in their own ongoing story lines to be included in their respective ongoings.

That’s a whole lot of comics. Almost an entire long box full. Of course it has nothing on Secret Invasion’s 84 tie-ins, but still 67 issues is a lot to ask of your readers. Most of the 67 issues were in the $3.99 category of comics making this thing cost a small comic fortune and I am not even counting the main series which ran for 9 issues (counting Issue #0). I love that DC threw full support behind this event and gave it more recognition than Final Crisis (which hurt that event), but this is a little overkill. I do know that only a handful of these issues are actually important to the main storyline, but a majority of comic readers will buy everything and anything with the Event’s banner slapped on it.

Heck I’m guilty of it (only when I have the extra funds though). I think there needs to be a balance in tie-ins. Too many tie-ins results in Event Fatigue, but too little shows you don’t support the event. I think the magic number should be around 20 tie-ins. Sounds like too little right? Not really when you consider that I think summer event comics should stick to Summer only.  That’s right, May-September only. I am a little tired of events going on for nearly a year when the event could be condensed to 5 issues or less. Take Secret Invasion for example. The comic ran for 8 months. During that 8 month span, NOTHING HAPPENED! Okay stuff happened but at a snail’s pace. It would feel much tighter to shorten it down to 5 issues or so. If you have a story that takes 9 issues to 10 issues to tell, then tell them in 10 issues, but if you have a story that only takes 4 issues to tell, you best not drag it out for a year.

Summer events are no longer Summer Events. They are Summer-Fall-Winter-Early Spring event and frankly that just grinds my gears.

EDIT: The numbers for Blackest Night and Secret Invasion has me thinking about the other events and their tie-ins. I am going to post sometime in the next few days the break down for the past Major events starting with Secret Wars and Crisis on Infinite Earths.