Today's client

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury I am here today to defend my clients the four Avenger on-going series, and the various Avenger miniseries from the charge of being way too numerous. My clients’ company just announced yet another member to their team bringing the grand total to Seven Avenger titles in a month. The Prosecution claims this too many, but the defense believes differently.

Exhibit A: There is way too many Avengers for just one title

Evidence A

There is far too many members of the Avengers to just ignore. There is currently over 100 members to the Avengers and it would be impossible to just pick five. Too many fans would be upset. So my clients’ company decided to release 4 ongoing Avenger titles to tackle a bulk of the characters from different perspectives. The comic Avengers would be about the public Avengers. The Avengers that the world recognizes and the ones that get keys to various cities. The New Avengers look like street level heroes, though I am waiting on my other clients to show up to confirm this information. Sure, they could be called Heroes for Hire, but people of the Jury, if you were an Avenger would you want to go back to being a “Hero for Hire”? I didn’t think so.  Then there is the Secret Avengers, who decided it would be best to stay home as they fear being exposed. They look to fill the Black Ops of the Avengers and allegedly tied to SHEILD, which is  headed by the  Allegedly alive Steve Rogers. Then there is the Avengers Academy who are sure to take the place of the troubled Superhero Initiative in training the heroes of tomorrow. This will surely cover all aspects that the Avengers have become known for and do it in a way to use the most characters possible.

Now I know what you are thinking, “That doesn’t explain the multitude of Avenger Mini-series” That brings me to my next point

Exhibit B: There are some stories that just work better as Mini-series

Evidence B: Avengers Prime

The defense would like to state that some stories just work better as Mini-series instead of in the main series. Case in point: Avengers Prime. This mini-series will tell the story of how Marvel’s Big Three (Thor, Iron Man, Steve Rogers) become friends again after years of bad blood between each other. Now most of you say that the series is unnecessary, but this is a major character interaction that has to be handled and explained. This story wouldn’t work in the main Avengers series as the story would focus on just the three and ignore the other characters of the book. Would be very boring to read in an ongoing, but as a mini it has a set beginning and end. It can be read without much prior knowledge and would be great for new readers or the casual fan to pick up off the rack. That is always better and worse comes to worse, you don’t have to pick it up. This brings me to my third point,

Exhibit C: Avengers only have 4 on-goings compared to other series, this is nothing.

Evidence C: Batman


Evidence D: Deadpool

The Defense would like to point out that Batman and Deadpool both have over 9 ongoings between them. They are solo characters (except in the point of Deadpool Corps, then again that’s full of Deadpool) and they have more stories than a team of characters. This shouldn’t be possible. The Prosecution is fine with these characters having more ongoings than needed and mad when separate teams with separate characters have four ongoings. This is ludicrous! There is no way one character has more to say than 100+ characters looking for a voice. The defense argues that if you are welcome to four+ ongoings from Batman, then you should allow four ongoings from the Avengers.

The Defense Rests!