Sorry for being late with this, but here it is. In news everyone saw coming, Wolverine is a New Avenger. This further supports my theory that Avengers #1 is guest staring some New Avengers and they get their own book in June. In a way, I support this. New Avengers has been primarly a street level team since the beginning and keeping them seperate from the Avengers sounds like a good idea. Let the Avengers be the super powered team with Thor and Iron Man, and let the New Avengers stick with the weaker heroes. I would prefer the name Heroes for Hire considering that’s the name of the street level team alternative to the Avengers, but oh well.

Prediction for the final two slots: Iron fist and Daredevil, though I say it will be Echo instead since Marvel will feel obliged to include a female. Maybe Jessica Jones since Luke cage is on the team or one of the ladies from Heroes for Hire. 

Look for New Avengers this June.