Coming this June in Amazing Spider-man #634 is the Grim Hunt. The arc promises to be a dark conclusion to the Gauntlet storyline that spider-man has gone through these past few months. The Kravens finally enact their evil plan against Spider-man and Marvel has stated “Kraven will live!” Does this mean that Kraven is being brought back to life? Not sure though the covers sure make it look that way.

I am eager for the storyline, though I still need to read through my mountain of gauntlet comics to get caught up. I can’t wait though as it is sure to be…Amazing (I had to do it).  I am also looking forward to the back-up stories written by Stan Lee and J.M. DeMatteis. Lee will be pairing with Marcos Martin to create ‘Spidey Sunday’, 14 2 Page back-up features. The two worked together on Amazing Spider-man #600 and Spidey Sunday should rock. J.M. DeMatteis will pair with Max Fiumara to write a back up chronicling Spider-man’s confrontation with Kaine. The Back-ups will run through the entirety of Grim Hunt. I can’t help but have the feeling of Knightfall with how they’ve set this up. The hero is getting tested by his biggest villains only to face a mastermind at the end. Just reminds me of the classic Batman arc.

Be sure to check out the Grim Hunt this June starting with Amazing Spider-man #634.