Marvel has announced and released the solicitation for Fallen (not the final title). Quoting from the Previews page:

The SIEGE has ended and taken its toll on both sides of the battle field. The event seven years in the making has claimed many lives, and in this, its final chapter, a universe comes together to mourn (CLASSIFIED).  The shocking death that ended the fight and gave birth to a new Heroic Age is remembered as a writer (CLASSIFIED) returns to lead the farewells.

We know this much then, someone will die and it’s not Spider-man, Thor, Bucky, or Miss Marvel. Also it’s not who ever the other set of hands belong to. I believe the one who will die is Sentry. It looks like him with the long hair and cape. Not too many Marvel heroes rock the Cape and only few who do wear the cape are big in Siege. Sentry’s death will also make sense as he is nothing but a pawn and they are setting up his death. Not sure how it will go down, but be sure to check out Fallen when it’s released in April (I am assuming).