Guess what guys, there is yet another Avengers team bringing the grand total to Four. Over the past month Marvel has teased us with the Avengers team featuring the Big three and the overexposed two (spider-man and wolverine). Then they announce the Secret Avengers that has set the rumor mills ablaze. There is the Avengers Academy which details have yet to be released. Now there is the New Avengers featuring Luke Cage. I am going to bet this team is going to look like the Heroes for Hire and less like the Avengers. Also what is the point of renumbering the darn book since it will more than likely have the same cast. They canceled Mighty Avengers for this. Marvel, you better do something with Dan Slott and Avengers or I will kill someone.

Look for New Avengers this June with Bendis at the helm and Stuart Immonen doing the art. (Source)

Really I am not that mad at the team. I like Bendis  and Immonen is a phenomenal artist. Just, I just was hoping for a Dan Slott Avengers team. I really dug his run on Mighty Avengers and Avengers initiative.