Wait, did I just post about New Avengers? Well, yeah. This is big news though. Bendis just stated, through his twitter, that the Avengers books written by him will also feature a back-up story also written by him. Every month. This is fantastic news for the comic buyers who weigh the cost of comics to the amount of content.  $3.99 is a steep price for those who purchase multiple titles a week. I know I hate when a book costs  $3.99 and it’s not worth it, especially considering writers like Bendis tend to decompress the stories and drag the story out for months on end. So I support back-ups. I have always supported back-ups and co-features. It’s great for the comic buyer and a great way to introduce new or unknown characters to the comic buying public.

Anyone besides me notice that Marvel is doing more of a DC type storytelling and publishing with the Co-feature/back-ups and the Amazing Spider-man weekly rumor (or is it official, I haven’t looked)? Well Marvel is definitely doing some interesting things. Just hope they deliver.