I have been writing a lot for Multiversity for the past few weeks and haven’t spent much time on anything else for the site. I think I am going to go ahead and outline the exclusives for Multiversity.

Written Comic Reviews- These are mainly in depth reviews on trades I read. Just one of my things I am asked to do for the site and I enjoy doing them. I am working on a new one that will cover Ultimate X-men Vol. 1: The Tomorrow People. It’s one of more more analytical pieces to date. Should be up soon as I finish and edit it.

Character Spotlights- These are exclusives to Multiversity and is one of their features. I tend to focus on B-listers for the spotlights. Nothing new in the works right now.

Friday Recommendation- This is another Feature on Multiversity that was there before me and is, obviously, exclusive to that site. I am not sure when I am up for another one as it is done in rotation, but I can say this: I will go with a more safe bet instead of something controversial, again.

In Defense Of- This one is going there. No plans to bring it out just yet, but it will be exclusive. I am trying to develop a new client list and think of the best ones. I want to start doing these bad boys again, just not sure when it will be happening.

Now you should know that this does leave many more things for this site and TGWTG blogs, etc. I am only going to make those exclusives right now. That leaves Quickie reviews, Adjectiveless, and of course It Came From The Bargain Bin! (which is on a small hiatus as I try to come up with a way to differentiate the videos from Linkara and other reviewers. I am debating finishing production on the second episode or starting a new.). That is not all though. Herculean-sized reviews (IE New Comic Reviews) will be coming back soon (within a month or two, just need to get things stable). Along with Herculean-sized reviews I will be developing some new projects. One is a weekly opinion article. Yeah I know it does some trite and egocentric, but I have been getting questions on certain issues and discussing many others over on Twitter (which you should follow me for comic book talkery). So I think starting an article to talk about whatever is on my mind and have a place to collect my thoughts scattered over twitter would be great. Not sure on the name of the article yet. Want something catchy. Also I will use it to answer fanmail and what not when I do get it (which I surprisingly do).

The other project is more top secret. One of my followers on twitter suggested it as a joke but I think it could work. This would be humorous and a great outlet for comics I can’t normally review for video or the site. Just something fun to do and it will be in a character. This makes it even more fun. No set date for the reviews or name, just yet. These things are in the rough stages of development and will be coming out in the weeks to come. I just wanted everyone to know I am not slouching, I am developing new projects. I want to rock your socks off.

Now I am going to state this, I will still post reviews for toys and movies here  (Well except for a certain trilogy, It’s my big Multiversity project right now. Just know it involves the Hulk.) as well as random short reviews that aren’t truly ideal for Multiversity.

So yeah there is stuff on the way and I think you all will like it.

Oh yeah, I have changed the theme and I am slowly going through the past articles and re-catergorizing them. It’s a heck of a task but it needs to be done for the FUTURE!!!!