Got some announcements to be made and much more to talk about.

First off, the editors of loved my first article. If you have yet to read it, check it out I am well on my way to a staff position.

Next, I have finally caught up on the big two’s Major Events. Yes, that does include Siege. Short reviews for the comics

Blackest Night #4-6, Green Lantern #47-50, Green Lantern Corps #41-43: EPIC. Wow. I am digging Blackest Night and in a way it’s helped rejuvenated my drive to read comics. Still need to read the tie ins and mini-series, but so far so good.

Siege #1 an #2: #1 was slow but the Solider Field moment made my jaw dropped. Then again I didn’t read the previews. #2 on the other hand was just, wow. Sentry is truly crazy. I am liking Siege and what’s going to happen post Siege. I just want the comics to not be under editorial mandated storylines. Makes for tired storylines. I want the writers to relax and tell what they want. Amazing Spider-man and Fantastic Four have already done this and I am love the Avengers line-up that was announced. Still need to read Embedded and other tie ins I see fit.

I am revamping my pull list soon and it will be most excellent. Already I have Amazing Spider-man, Green Lantern, Flash, Brightest Day, will have Avengers and Thor. Still wondering what else to pick up. Suggestions would be welcomed.

Now for the announcements:

I will be working a special Valentine’s Day review of One More Day. Best comic to pick, huh? Not sure if it will be posted here or exclusive through Multiversity. More news to come.

I will have another article up over at Multiversity comics and it will be a Character Spotlight. I like what I’ve wrote and I think you will as well.

That does it for now. Just wanted to round up a crazy week.

Thanks for Reading.