First up the title card from the first review:

And now here is a tentative schedule for reviews. Release dates and comics are subject to change.

CBO Release Schedule for Jordan (As of 1-7-10)


ICFBB! – It Came From the Bargain Bin!
ADJ- Adjectiveless Reviews
ICFBB! Sp. – It Came From the Bargain Bin! Special

Week of-
1-18: ICFBB! – Spider-man #13
1-25: ICFBB! –Marvel Comics: Real Heroes #3
2-1: ICFBB! Sp. –Marvel Super-heroes Winter Special
2-8: ADJ- Spider-man: One More Day
2-15: ICFBB! –Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1
2-22: ICFBB!- Superman #123
3-1: ADJ –X-men/Dark Avengers Utopia
3-8: ICFBB! –Quasar #29
3-15: ICFBB!- Supreme Vol. 2 #1
3-22: ICFBB! Sp. –Marvel Super-heroes Spring Special
3-29: ADJ –X-men: God Loves Man Kills
4-5: ICFBB! –Captain America #407
4-12: ICFBB! –X-men #1
4-19: ADJ –Batman RIP
4-26: ICFBB! Sp. –Punisher #60-62
5-3: ICFBB!  -Youngbloods #2
5-10: ICFBB!- Prophet #1

That’s right. I am shooting to go weekly and the method set-up should make easier for me. Of course things are subject to change, but the plan is to have an Update from me, Update from Danius (when he returns from hiatus), and possibly a return of Herculean Sized reviews every week. But who knows.

Thanks for reading.

Quote of the Day:

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”
-Douglas Adams, English humorist & science fiction novelist (1952 – 2001)