I was rereading some of my older articles today and I remember while writing In Defense of Dr. Strange, I was trying to think of the best way to film such a movie and it hit me. I think the technology of Avatar would do wonders for a Dr. Strange film. It would be the best way to include insane CGI creatures with real humans without it looking out of place. Wouldn’t it be great to see a realistic looking Shuma-Gorath or if anything, Dread Dormammu? Truth be told the tech Avatar used could possibly create a new genre of Sci-fi and fantasy. Only time will tell though.

Now in other news, I finally got a microphone for my PC and finally got over the biggest hindrance for my reviews. I have long put off buying a mic because of the cost and just plain procrastination, but I finally got ahead in cash and bought one. I am enjoying it so far and will finally start producing reviews as I have no real excuse for not doing them. With that said I will be trying to get to a goal of a review a week. This will take some time and personally I want to build up a buffer of scripts. I might count the weeks of the semester and set to write that many scripts (or at least get the earliest part of the writing done) before the break is over so all I have to do is film. School can be a bitch sometimes.

Also with the advent of the new microphone I finally got skype. I have been meaning to get skype for a while as I have been asked by several people to do a skype conversation or two and with the mic I can finally do that. So if you want to hit me up on skype my screen name is Cyclopsfan1.

Speaking of reviews, I have been considering doing more movie and video game reviews. Not exactly sure how to capture movie footage outside of straight ripping, but I know how to get video game so in the near future expect some reviews of Super Hero video games and movies. Not sure when though.

Finally I might start posting a few old videos on the site. Only a couple I can think of, but they are my Watchmen review/first impression (I could shoot a new one with my written review as a script, who knows) and my Green Lantern Movie Pitch (which is oddly my most popular video on Youtube).

Overall time for me to start being more active with the site and produce more content. I have been slacking. It’s time to get off my hands and do some work.

EDIT as of 3:06 AM 12/30/09:

I decided to change the theme of the website. Primarily because the last theme was very unfriendly to new readers and at times hard to navigate. So I decided to go with the new one I have selected. I also decided to bring back the CBO production banner that used to dominate the older site designs. I feel that with the revitalized vigor for reviews I should bring back the color and fun to the site. Also bonus points if you can name the reference for the header.

Thanks for reading

Quote of the day:
“When it rain and shines
it is just a state of mind”
– John Lennon, “Rain” by the Beatles