Well the Iron Man 2 trailer has finally been released, and it looks to be everything that the first movie was and much more. From the trailer we see that War Machine, Whiplash and the Mandroids will be in the movie. I am very eager to see this movie. Next summer looks to be another great summer for movies with Toy Story 3 and Iron Man 2 headlining. Now for the complaint: The armor looks a little off for some reason. It may be due to the CG effects not being polished, but that could be me just nitpicking. Overall the trailer looks fun, and I am going to be interested in seeing, what appears to be, an adaptation of the famous Armor Wars storyline.

Oh yeah, have you all checked out the movie posters?

Yeah these are fantastic posters, and personally, I think it looks better than the first movie’s posters.

In other news if you are on twitter please place the Hero Initiative twit ribbon on your profile. If you do not know what Hero Initiative is, it is an organization that helps supports comic book creative staff members in time of need (be it medical emergency, financial crisis, or in worst case sudden death). I find what they do to be great and I support them. So join me by placing a Twit ribbon on your profile. Go to the following link to see how to do it-

Thanks for reading, time for me to go back to reading my massive stack and working on reviews.