Yes, I am fully aware that I butchered the English language in the subject line of this post, but the truth of the matter is that it’s the best descriptor for what the next couple weeks are going to be. I told you that so I can tell you this, I will be releasing new articles and videos over the next few weekends. Some of the things you will be seeing in the next few weeks:

In Defense of Charles Xavier- I will defend the disgraced headmaster from a class action lawsuit of various charges.
It Came From A Bargain Bin– Spiderman #13- It’s from the 90’s. It has McFarlane, can’t hype it too much.
Review of 2009 in comics– I will review the best, worst, and most disappointing comics, I will review the comic book adaptations that I have watched, and I will list the best and worst trades I have read this year. Also I will be talking about my most anticipated comics of the coming months.
In Defense of Superboy Prime (the video)– That’s right, I am going to release what will be the pilot episode of the series. I have it filmed just need to edit it.

Should be a busy month for CBO Productions. I will have more announcements towards the end of the month.

Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah, still looking for other’s opinion on the idea of event fatigue. Read more about it here-