I am planning a video discussing Event Fatigue, and I would like to know what are other’s opinions on the phenomena. For those who don’t know about event fatigue, it is basically the idea that a fan base will begin to become tired of the slew of event comics that publishers are releasing, and stop buying the event comics. It has been discussed a lot lately with Marvel’s Siege event near its release and the myriad of Blackest Night Tie-ins. The editors-in-chief of the Big Two have weighed their opinions on the idea and several prominent Comic blogs have discussed it, but I am wondering what the average comic book reader feels. I will be releasing a video in the coming weeks talking about the idea, and during the video, and possibly a companion article, I will talk about the thoughts of the average fan.

I am going to need some volunteers you are willing to do a survey and  possibly be willing to do an interview (via IM, email, skype, etc.). I will include the interviews into the video and article when I release it. If you are wanting to participate in this task please email me at jj.cboproductions@gmail.com to receive the survey (when I write it),  please include if you want to do the interview in the email.

Thanks for reading