I have decided to defend Charles Xavier from a joint class action lawsuit from former students. The article will be released either late tonight (Saturday) or Sunday afternoon. I am somewhat ill, but I am hoping it is from the lack of sleep. I will get some sleep and rest up. I have already started the article, so it won’t take long to finish.

In other news you can now subscribe to the CBO Productions blog without the use of an RSS feed. All you need to do is go to subscribe via email section of the sidebar (located on the right) and depending if you are a WordPress member or not, all you need to do is follow the instructions. We promise not to spam the emails. All you will receive are emails notifying you of new posts  to the site. So basically it’s a mailing list.

Also we are going to start up search for guest writers. Danius is on a leave of absence for school, and I am in the same boat as him. In order to tide over the periods of no updates, I am looking for guest writers.

This is the criteria for earning a guest spot:
1. Must be comic book related.
2. Must be interesting.
3. Must be well written.

If you prove successful, we might pick you up and feature your articles on the site.  All you need to do to earn the guest spot is submit an example of your work to Comicbookoverkill@gmail.com

Thanks for reading.