Time for me to set unrealistic goals and somehow meet them.

Starting off, I will have a video out by next Saturday (November 28). It probably wont be It Came From The Bargain Bin! as that will require some location shooting that I just can’t get shot and edited by next Saturday. So it will be a surprise. Also concerning In Defense of Identity Crisis, I am going to have to cancel that article. Reason for this action is that the serious complaints against it are very similar to Avengers Disassembled’s flaws. Defending Identity Crisis so soon after Avengers Disassembled will just feel like I am re-treading material and it wont be too creative. So I am going to put that one off for a future date when I can approach it with a fresher mind. With that said, I would like to wrap up the text series of In Defense with a bang. So I am going to think of something and try to have it out this week. Keep checking the site out for news concerning that.

The reason for all these updates is that I have finals coming up, and I need to ace those suckers. That means I’m less likely to be online and update the site. I haven’t done a true update since September and I am sick of it, but school is throwing me for a loop this semester and I need to finish it strong. So to tide everyone over and ease my guilt, I will be trying to get content released by next Saturday before my finals marathon.  I do have some high hopes for the next semester and for the site. I will speak on those after the finals.

Till then, Thanks for reading.