Yeah so what’s going on here at CBO Productions? Well all I can say is CHAOS! No, not chaos magic as that doesn’t exists, but really just a lot of things going on at once that makes things very, how do you say, hectic.

First up is my laptop. If you don’t follow my twitter (and you should) you will know that I have been experiencing some laptop problems for a while now. Good news is that I am replacing it later today (Tuesday) and should be fully functional by that night. That’s good as I was stressing about videos more than anything since all of the software is on my laptop and I don’t have any other real means of making a video.

My computer woes

The Laptop's problem.

Well, I will be getting a new one so that worry went away. Another stressor for this week is school.

School is quickly becoming the bane of my existence, to be more precise, Organic Chemistry (which can rot in Hell) is the bane of my existence. Seriously if there would be something to surprise me and break my back, it would be Organic Chemistry.

Ohhhhhh, Nasty

I'm Batman, Organic Chem is Bane. Get the picture?

Some good news there, next semester looks to be more favorable and not crazy since I got out of Organic Chemistry.

Now the real reason I wanted to make this post was to talk about a recent distraction of mine. Here lately I haven’t been reading  comics, writing reviews (or In Defense Of, I know), paying attention in class, or sleeping because of one thing. That thing is my own comic. I have been “writing” comics since I was like 6, but this time I am actually getting good at illustrations. I know I spoke about it last week, but its starting to take shape. Right now the comic is called FAB. This is just the working title. It will be about a team of six characters (some based on classic archtypes, some more original) fighting villany. Just a superhero comic. I have some more complex stuff in mind but the simple jist is a superhero webcomic. The schedule is still in the works but the idea is for to be a weekly comic (as in once a week). No clue when it will be ready, but the prep for such a project is demanding. Yet it is so rewarding. The amount of ideas I am having is just insane.

I am finally taking these fractured comic ideas and combining them together to form this cohesive universe that is just massive. It is startling to think about how many characters will be involved. It’s breathtaking to me. Expect to hear more about it in the near future.
On a related note I am about to fill up my first sketch pad. I have 12 pages left and I should go through them by Wednesday. It is amazing to see an evolution in the art style and quality over the last 5 months. Its a magical feeling when one fills up a sketch book. I will be sure to scan some images from there in the coming weeks.
and finally as a Beatles fan I have to just share this with everyone

Yeah someone decided to mash-up the Beatles individul solo work and make a 13th album out of the mash-ups. This is spectacular work. I suggest any Beatles fans out there to download this album. It is just, just…FAB. Check out the album here:

I will be back soon to talk about the final In Defense of article and some videos that I plan to get released.


Thanks for reading.