The more I surf the comics community of the internet, the more sick I become of some common motifs. The most common theme I have found in almost every comic book themed website is the bashing of Rob Liefeld. I am sure I don’t have to explain who Rob Liefeld is, but for those who are unfamiliar with the 90’s comic icon he was one of the leading creative forces behind comics. He is also one of the most hated artists in comics and a current trend (or at least one I have noticed) is to bash on Rob Liefeld. I am not going to lie that I haven’t made jokes about the man. He has done some bad art, but I feel that bashing him for no real reason other than to get an easy joke is counterproductive.

You can analyze the man’s work and critically (which does not equal with snark) comment on it. That is the whole point of reviewing a comic. It is when someone decides to just make fun of his work for no real reason that just frustrates me. The Liefeld jokes are now becoming more rampant on the sites I frequent thanks to the work of Linkara and Spoony One. Now Linkara and Spoony actually make some true critiques and don’t rely on his art for cheap laughs. It is the people who are fans of Linkara who haven’t actually read the Liefeld comics that are annoying. They don’t look into what the guy has done for the industry but instead just laugh at him and blame him for the sad state of comics in the 1990’s. I am not going to turn this into an In Defense Of Robert Liefeld article (I do plan on doing one in the near future), but the guy is not the sole cause of the bubble bursting. There are more factors that go into the 1990’s comic bust than just Liefeld’s art.

I guess it is because the man is synonymous with the 90’s that he is blamed for it. I, and I guarantee many more, are just sick of seeing what amounts to “Liefeld, Lol” on the internet. My fellow comic reviewers do not rely on the easy jokes and cheap gimmicks but instead actually critically analyze the work and do a true review of something. Reviews do not have to be funny. Reviews are meant to be analysis of the work you are discussing.

In summary, I am just tired of the bashing. I feel it is counterproductive to the grand scheme of things.

Thanks for reading.