Starting off, In Defense Of will be moving to a video format right after the last article is released. The last article will be In Defense of Identity Crisis. (If you have any suggestions to help shape the article, feel free to tell me as I do appreciate the help in shaping these articles. You will be credited.) This will be considered the first part of season one, well kinda. See the videos will be mostly new articles though I will be adapting all of the previous articles into the video format over time. At this time I cannot say if I will do them all in season 1, but I can say In Defense of Superboy Prime, In Defense of Dr. Strange, In Defense of Cyclops, and In Defense of Avengers Disassembled will be in the first season. There is no set release dates for the video series as I have not came up with the schedule for season 1. If anything that you feel needs to be defended, email me at

There will be a break period after I finish In Defense of Identity Crisis. Probably around 3 weeks. I will use this time to write and film the reviews. I still need to come up with a pilot episode that would be a great starting point. If you have any suggestions for that, email them to me. Use the address listed above.

In other news, you know the past month I have been talking about the massive review of new comics? Well I have been sick and was planning on filming the review, but given my sudden relapse, I will be having to do it as a text article. It will be massive and long, nearly 20 issues. I hope to have it done sometime tomorrow but not sure as I am going to have to go back to the doctor tomorrow and I have no time tonight to sit, read, and write a review. I am sorry.

With that, have a great day and take a bit of advice from me,



I have recently made a tumblr account for more off the wall reviews and articles. Basically anything that wouldn’t work with CBO Productions. The link is in the blogroll on the right sidebar, or you can visit from here:


I will be redesigning the site again in a few days (if I feel able). There will be somethings moved around and tagged differently. This will hopefully be the last change before we move to a new webhost with our own fancy URL.