In my restless dreams, I see that town. I do not, as some have suggested, see a played out concept that has lived past its prime, but a concept still full of potential. Even this comic about Silent Hill, terrible as it was, had some ideas that could really work for the franchise.

Idea #1: Dr. Troy Abernathy, Murderer

This guy has Silent Hill material written all over him. He killed his best friend Brent for abusing Julianna, the woman Troy loves. Troy and Julie get married. Julie later kills herself after learning what Troy did. Now he has the deaths of a friend and a wife on his conscious. Then, while trying to cure his patient Lynn of past trauma by taking her to Silent Hill, he realizes that there truly is something to fear within the town. His Past.

Troy could be a great character for this, a psychologist and a skeptic who refuses to believe that the town could be this way, with a role reversal as the story commences; as Troy becomes more helpless and mad as the town tortures him, Lynn becomes more empowered and now watches over him as she overcomes her trauma.

Idea #2: Lauryn, Accidental Sororicide

The guilt Lauryn claims to feel over the death of her sister due to youthful negligence could be a great angle for a Silent Hill story. Recurring dreams of her sister call her back to the town, and within it she finds an empty grave and sees a familiar figure running off into the mist.

There are many places that story could go. Here is a simple one: perhaps at the end, after journeying through the town she has come to grips with the fact that either she isn’t at fault for what happened, or she is. Based on that, she can choose to leave and try to live her life, or she can choose to lay down her life and remain in Silent Hill while her sister is given another chance at living elsewhere, free from the trauma of her death.

Idea #3: When I Woke…

It is revealed in the comic that the two sisters grew up in Silent Hill. That gave me a great idea. Imagine you were a resident of the perfectly normal Silent Hill. You never did anything wrong, and just went about your life, keeping your nose out of the cult’s business, and life was okay. Then, one day, you wake up, and you’re in the empty world. For whatever reason, the town has decided to pull you in.

A couple places this could go:

For one, you could end up being the supporting character to a James or a Harry style character. Disillusioned and confused, they seem to be the only other person here, and now you have to try and find out whether or not they deserve to stay there, or whether you should help them escape.

Or better yet…

You are pulled to the mist world/nightmare world to confront the fact that your fellow townsfolk have been doing some really horrible things, and by ignoring this you may be, in some ways, just as guilty.

(Apparently, Peter Pen can not only make you fly, but also come back from the dead.)

These are just some quick ideas I had reading the comic that would have made for a much better story. And if I can do that this easily, surely more creative minds than my own could do better for this series. Better than the trite ideas of this comic.

But why stop there? I can’t be the only one who feels this way. Why not share your ideas for this town, this place where nightmares are real?

What would you like to see upon your visit to Silent Hill?