I think I found a name for the new comic book reviews, and it’s Herculean Sized Reviews. I have been thinking of a real name for the review but never could get one that sticks. People seem to like the name last week, and I will be trying it out for the next month or so. Enough with that, time to get on to the reviews.

The Amazing Spider-man #606

Bottom Line: BUY
Reasons why: The art is fantastic and well executed. This is a rarity for most series that are weekly (or close enough) in nature. The other standout feature of this book is Joe Kelley as the writer. The humor he brings is great and feels like spider-man to me. I have been enjoying this series since I started reading it at issue #600. I recommend that everyone read this series. Especially those that have done nothing but complain since One More Day.

Batman and Robin #4

Bottom Line: Skim through at the store and decide
Reasons Why: It’s Grant Morrison. Grant Morrison is known for being a very difficult but rewarding writer. If you take your time with the book, you will love it. If you try to rush it, you will hate it. I enjoyed this issue but some won’t. The art is exceptional. Philip Tan knocked it out of the park on this issue.

Blackest Night: Superman #2

Bottom Line: Buy
Reasons Why: Fun story, great art, and the Psycho Pirate being all kinds of awesome. While it is not essential to Blackest Night in the big picture, it is still a fun comic.

Dark X-men: The Confession

Bottom Line: PASS, unless you are a fan of Cykes and Emma
Reasons Why: This comic is nothing but exposition. Now there are some tender moments between Cyclops and Emma, but that is all that is in this comic. Emma confesses to sleeping around with half of the Cabal before meeting Scott. Scott confesses to ordering X-force to kill. I am a fan of Scott and Emma, so I enjoyed the tender moments but other than that it is a pointless buy. This makes the past 4 issues of Dark X-men branded comics pointless. Maybe the mini-series coming up won’t be so disappointing.

Detective Comics #857

Bottom Line: BUY
Reasons Why: It has some of the best art you will find in a comic published by the big two. Problem I have with it though, is that sometimes the art gets to the point of making the story hard to follow. I love looking at it, but the story is still key here. This is the best run of the Batman Reborn banner I have read. I recommend all of the back issues featuring Batwoman. It was some of the best things I read all summer.

Fantastic Four #571

Bottom Line: BUY
Reasons Why: It’s a solid Fantastic Four series and one that seems to be on schedule. Support this series so we can have some consistency with Marvel’s First Family.

Uncanny X-men #515

Bottom Line: PASS
Reasons Why: Greg Land is back on pencils, and he is just horrible. If you don’t know about Greg Land I suggest you look him up on google and see what is wrong with him. The other reason to pass, Fraction is disappointing yet again. His work on this comic has been underwhelming. Think this was the guy who did amazing stuff on The Order and Thor. Oh well. The series does look to get better with Magneto making his big return (better not be a fake out like Uncanny X-men #500).

That does it for this week. Join me Monday when I will be Defending Cyclops on charges of being lame. Thanks for reading.