This is a BIG review and for that sake I am not going to go in depth into the comics like I normally do. Instead, I am just going to give you a cover, a bottom line review, and highlight parts of the books that justify my review. Sorry for this change in format, but next Friday I should be back to normal, somewhat. Enough with that, it’s time to review these bad boys.

Adventure Comics #2 (505)

Bottom Line: Buy
Reasons: The art is amazing, and the story is simple. Simple is not a bad thing here folks, and this comic does it right. Connor is still trying to figure himself out, and Cassie (whose relationship with Connor is great) confronts Connor on his issues. A great issue all around, too bad Johns and Manapul are moving off the title to Flash in a couple months, but not too bad.

The Amazing Spider-man #604

Bottom Line: BUY BUY BUY!
Reasons Why: Ever since issue #600 (the point where I started to read the comic) The Amazing Spider-man has been phenomenal, and this comic continues the trend. The writing is great, and even though the art is somewhat lacking, this is a near weekly book and that is tolerated. My favorite ongoing series right now outside of Incredible Herc.

The Amazing Spider-man #605

Bottom Line: BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY!! Pick of the week.
Reasons why: The art is much better than the last issue, and the writing is still top-notch. The story is great especially if you are like me and don’t necessarily have the best luck with the ladies. The comic is also a great jumping-on point as it is fairly self-contained.

Blackest Night #3

Bottom Line: BUY
Reasons Why: The story is great, and the central plot for the series is starting to take shape. The story is also moving towards that plot. So far it looks like a well made 8 part event, unlike Final Crisis or Secret Invasion. We will know by Issue 5 when the Guardian for the Black Lanterns appears. Also, Indigo tribe does something awesome.

Blackest Night: Batman #2

Bottom Line: BUY
Reasons Why: It’s Batman meets Zombie film. Do you need more? Oh, you do? Well the story is pretty cool for a pointless arc, and the art is not too shabby.

Green Lantern Corps #40:

Bottom Line: Skim through at the store and decide
Reasons Why: Well, the comic is alright but seems to be reactive of the main Blackest Night and Green Lantern Series. There are some interesting things going on, but nothing spectacular. It is decent but not worth the price of admission, at least not for me, though the Bzzd and Guy Gardner fight was pretty cool.

Blackest Night: Superman #1

Bottom Line: BUY
Reasons Why: If Blackest Night Batman is a zombie film, then Blackest Night Superman is a slasher flick. The setup is great, and the build up of suspense is actually quite good. The story is typical slasher fare, but it works here. James Robinson can write a darn good Superman, too bad he can’t seem to do a Justice League.

Captain America Reborn #3

Bottom Line: BUY, but only if you are a Brubaker fan.
Reasons Why: It is a decent comic. The writing is solid as well as the art, problem is that it’s Brubaker and his pacing can be slow for some people. This issue does have some nice pacing, but overall it’s much slower than the average comic. Not that that is a bad thing, it is that some people don’t like that style.

Dark Avengers- Uncanny X-men: Exodus:

Bottom Line: Skim through then decide.
Reasons Why: I know that is a poor review, but this is a comic that only certain people will enjoy. Not sure who, but they will. I found it to be an okay comic and a step up from the last few issues. I will review the series in more depth and as a whole soon, but for this issue, it has decent writing, and the art is great. A decent end to a series that ran off the tracks a few issues back .

Flash Rebirth #4

Bottom Line: BUY
Reasons Why: It somewhat retells the origins of Zoom and the nature of the Speed Force. It also talks about why Barry came back. Zoom should now be considered on the level of Joker and Luthor. Zoom carries a presence that emits pure evil. He is sinister and cruel. A great comic to a good series. I wish it wasn’t always delayed.

G-man: Capes Crisis #2

Bottom Line: BUY
Reasons Why: It is a fun, innocent super hero story. The story is for all ages and well executed to a degree that anyone can read it. If you have young kids or just want to read some pure super hero comics, I recommend G-man to the nth degree.

The Marvels Project #2

Bottom Line: BUY, but only if you are a fan of Brubaker
Reasons Why: Same reasons as Captain America Reborn. The pacing could be too slow for some. I enjoyed it and thought this issue stepped it up from the last one nicely. I am still failing to see how these characters will become related, but then again I am not familiar with my Golden Age heroes. Good stuff, nonetheless.

X-men Forever #7

Bottom Line: PASS
Reasons Why: Simple, poor editing and art direction. This more or less has to do with the series, but the complaint does ruin this comic. I am all for new costumes. It usually sets a new era or staff when they change costumes, but please make your mind up. In X-men Forever #6, Gambit looked like Gambit. In X-men Forever #7, he looks like Daredevil mixed with Pete Wisdom. Then there is the amazing changing Kitty Pryde and Kurt’s changing designs. Also Beast switching from just trunks to pants, back and forth for the series. All I ask is they get things together and set a design to stick with for the series. Now for the issue itself, it is alright. It is Claremont writing what feels to be a filler issue explaining some background. Not bad, but not great. The bad art ruins the comic though.

X-men Legacy Annual #1

Bottom Line: PASS
Reasons Why: Despite promising a brand new direction, the X-men are just off of mainland United States. Nothing too different. The story is interesting and the art is alright, but some characters look dumb. Wolverine is the silliest looking character of the lot. It does have a backup about Gambit detonating the Omega Machine. We see him revert to his horseman state for a bit, but that doesn’t last. Overall, it is underwhelming. Uncanny X-men #500, which was the Bold New Direction last year after Messiah Complex, was much superior to this comic. Not much happens. Emplate does return. That is cool.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully next week I will return back to normal and post reviews on Fridays and in the old format. Unless people prefer this new style. Feel free to email or comment below about this new style of reviews and see you all Monday when I have some article up.