Today’s client:

Dr. Stephen Strange

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I am here today to defend my client Doctor Stephen Strange, the former Sorcerer Supreme, on charges that he would fail to make a decent live action film. The defense has prepared evidence to prove not only could Dr. Strange make a live action film, but actually make an excellent film that would go down as one of the best Superhero Films to date.

Evidence #1: His villains

The Prosecution stated that my client has a severe lack of villains. It is almost universally agreed that a hero is often judged by the quality of villains. The defense has lined up several villains that my client has struggled with in the past and would be perfect to be featured in a film on my client’s exploits.

Exhibit A: Dread Dormammu

Exhibit A: Baron Mordo

First up we have Baron Mordo. My client and Mordo go back to the earliest days of Strange’s training, and ever since Strange foiled Mordo’s plans he has been seeking revenge against my client. The Doctor has fought Mordo on several occasions, and Mordo possesses the same abilities as my client. He is known as a servant to the Dormammu and various other demonic entities. If my client was to have a film, Mordo would be a perfect villain to counter him. Mordo could serve as a character to set up the major final villains.

Exhibit B: Dread  Dormammu

Exhibit B: Dread Dormammu

If you had to choose a “Big Bad” for a film based on my Client’s exploits and adventures, then the Dread Dormammu would be a perfect fit. This entity is a demonic force that resides in the Dark Dimension. He is constantly trying to escape and in the process fights my client. Dormammu possesses great power and abilities, and would provide a perfect foil to my client’s good intentions. If you want to go for the “safe” final villain, Dormammu is the perfect candidate. He has a loyal following and is a powerful character that would surely light up the silver screen.

Exhibit C: The Mindless Ones

Exhibit C: The Mindless Ones

While not a true villain by themselves, the Mindless Ones are servants to the Dread Dormammu and would provide excellent cannon fodder for my Client. The Mindless Ones are virtually a race of zombies that will attack any living thing and can shoot laser blasts from their eye. This race could could be used as cannon fodder for when Dormammu invades earth. They would cause panic and riots in the streets. The scene of New York City being overwhelmed by the Mindless Ones would be amazing to watch on film, and considering today’s special effects there could be thousands on screen at the same time. This would provide a sense of dread and fear that my Client wouldn’t be able to handle the hordes of zombie-like creatures.

Exhibit D: Shuma-Gorath

Exhibit D: Shuma-Gorath

This character comes from my Client’s early days and is the reason he became the Sorcerer Supreme. Shuma-Gorath is the Lord of Chaos and is the first Demonic Ruler of Earth. His rule predates the visit of the first wave of Celestials to Earth. For those in the jury that are unaware of the Celestials, the first wave of Celestials was 1 million years ago. Shuma-Gorath has since been living in his own dimension and there he is nearly Onimpotent. My client first met him when Shuma-Gorath tried to enter the Earth Dimension through the weakened mind of the Ancient One, my Client’s mentor. This resulted in the death of the Ancient One and my client’s ascension to the role of Sorcerer Supreme.

What makes this entity a perfect villain is in the way one must fight him. You cannot destroy Shuma-Gorath without becoming the new body for the entity. Also, the fact my Client’s first confrontation with the demon occurred with the death of his mentor is a cinematic jackpot. A film-maker trying to convey my client’s exploits in a dramatic light would show my client struggling with the ideas of becoming the Sorcerer Supreme after having to kill the Ancient One to prevent Shuma-Gorath from returning to the Earth Dimension. The final confrontation would be on the scale of David vs Goliath, but David wouldn’t be able to kill the Giant without becoming the new one. It would provide an excellent struggle and would be the most risk-filled movie they could do around the exploits of Dr. Strange.

Evidence #2: His supporting cast

The Prosecution has also stated that my client does not possess the supporting cast to help carry a film. They cite Peter Parker’s Aunt May, Harry Osborn, and Mary Jane, as well as Tony Stark’s James Rhodes and Pepper Pots. Well, the Defense has prepared a list of people that make up my client’s closest friends and could easily help carry a film.

Exhibit A: Ancient One

Exhibit A: Ancient One

The Ancient One is, as stated earlier, my client’s Mentor and the Sorcerer Supreme before Dr. Strange. Ancient One is also the one who trained Baron Mordo. My client held his master in high regard, and his death was a major blow to my client. His death was what helped define my client’s life and his role in the universe. The Ancient One would serve as the Mentor in a film about the life of Dr. Strange.

Exhibit B: Wong

Exhibit B: Wong

Wong is the loyal servant to Doctor Strange. Wong also protects my client’s home when he is away defending the universe. Stephen and Wong go back to the earliest days of my client’s training. In many ways Wong helped train Stephen in the arts of sorcery with his expansive knowledge of magic and martial arts. Wong is much like Alfred and Jarvis in that he serves a great hero, but Wong, however, is actually capable of defending himself. Every hero needs someone to stay constant in his life, and Wong is that constant for my client. Any film based on my client’s life must have Wong, and Wong would be able to support the main character in a way that many cannot. A film based on my client without Wong is much like a film based on Batman without Alfred. It just doesn’t happen.

Exhibit C: Clea

Exhibit C: Clea

Clea is one of the few love interests of my client. Clea is the niece of Dormammu and possesses great powers much like that of her Uncle.  She was also one of the earliest apprentices of Doctor Strange. While they are technically married still, Clea prefers to live in the Dark Dimension where she rules. She could provide an excellent character for a love interest in a film about Strange’s wild life.

While his supporting cast is not extensive like Spider-man’s, these three give an excellent base for the character portraying my client. This list did exclude other heroes whom are important to Dr. Strange, in case of potential contract disputes with the right to use the other heroes’ images for the film.

Evidence #3: It would be interesting.

The Prosecution has stated that a film based on my client’s life would be boring much like the television film based on him from the 70’s.  The defense is prepared to counter this charge.

While my client is not a true superhero much like Superman or Spiderman, he leads a life fighting demons and any other mystical threats to the Earth. The demons he battles ranges from the minor imps to Shuma-Gorath level.  My client has confronted the Watcher, Galactus, Mephisto, and even Dracula. Not many characters deal with the mystical side of the spectrum, and that is what makes my client is so unique. He doesn’t have to fight crime in the sense of the material world, but instead he must confront absolute evil on the heavenly planes.

A film based on my client would require the more-than-capable hands of someone like  Guillermo del Toro who is very skilled and experienced in writing about the mystical side of the world where anything can happen. My client is only as boring as he is made out to be, and if del Toro, or someone of his caliber, made a film based on Dr. Strange, the film would be an undeniable success.

In closing, my client Dr. Strange would be a perfect character on which to base a film. He has an expansive base of villains that range from all walks of life (and non-life), a small but perfect supporting cast, and a life-story that is not a normal superhero story, but a form of fantasy. These are all reasons why Doctor Stephen Strange should have a film based on his life.

The defense rests.

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