Today marks the first time I have ever had an imitator.

A fan of the site messaged me on the Spoony Experiment forum and asked if he could do his own In Defense Of. The difference is that the article would be talking about the game series Final Fantasy. This is supposed to be a multi-part series, and I was cool with him doing it. I figured I would make it known that he did ask for permission, and he has even credited me and the site for the idea. I am happy that the articles are enjoyed by everyone and that people want to do their own. That is just amazing for me. When I wrote In Defense of Aquaman, I didn’t expect the series to be this huge.

So thanks go out to all the fans of the series and expect a new In Defense Of tomorrow. I will be defending claims that Dr. Strange is not capable of doing a Live Action film. Also, this Wednesday we will have another guest reviewer. I enjoyed his article, and you will too. The New Comic Book review from last week will be posted this Friday along with this week’s reviews. More on that to come.

Thanks for reading and see you all tomorrow when I release In Defense of Dr. Strange.
Have a Good Night.