This week I had some unexpected expenses come up (having to buy a new phone). I also had some expected ones:  The Beatles remastered albums (I bought the White Album. Great stuff.) and my brother’s birthday (which is today, September 11th.). Also, I didn’t get the chance to sell plasma earlier this week (Which cuts my weekly income in half). So I just don’t have the funds to buy about 12 comics this week.  I will be purchasing the comics tomorrow and have a review up, hopefully, by Sunday. Just don’t hold me to it. Remember, I am not a professional reviewer. I don’t get access to previews or review copies, I am just an amateur reviewer. I am sorry I couldn’t post the reviews today. I screwed up.  If it is anything to you all, the Beatles Remastered Albums sound great if “The White Album” is any indicator. I still have to listen to the older albums to make a judgment.

Thanks for reading and have a good day. Join us tomorrow for another Amalgam Saturdays! I have already saw what it is, and let me tell you, it’s fantastic.