Hello everyone and welcome to, what I call, the Best Comics of August. Not every one of these are the former pick of the week, but comics that I found in hindsight to be the best. I will have a worst list tomorrow, but for now here is the best list.

The Best:

The Amazing Spider-man #601

This is the comic that shows what Brand New Day can do. It has a strong story, great writing, and the art was amazing. We have Peter dealing with complex social interactions all the while being the hero. This is also the first real issue of Mary Jane Watson’s return to Peter Parker’s life; Amazing Spider-man 600 doesn’t count as she showed up at the end. Great comic and one of the reasons I am now hooked on Amazing Spider-man.

Blackest Night #2

Blackest Night quickly became my favorite event comic in the past few years, and this issue was the one that got me hooked. We have several fight scenes including a massive brawl between the Aquaman family and a “conclusion” to the Martian Manhunter brawl. The art work was a grand epic in terms of scale and detail. The character interactions were amazing. Everything about this comic is great. If you haven’t already bought it, do yourself a favor and do.

Detective Comics #856

This particular issue of Detective Comics actually toned down its art. While this may be a bad thing for some of the fans of the earlier issues, it actually made this comic more enjoyable. It still breaks traditional comic book art styles and is beautiful, but I can actually tell what’s going on. The best part about this comic is actually Rucka’s subtle¬†portrayal of ¬†Batwoman interacting with another woman she is interested in. Most comic book writers would have overblown this scene and continue the image of Batwoman being just a Lesbian and not a deep character. It was a solid issue, and the best Batfamily title of the month.

G-man: Capes Crisis #1

This little comic was my first comic outside of the big two that I reviewed for the site. It came from the creator of Mini-Marvels, a fun back-up story that ran in several big Marvel titles, Chris Giarrusso. It was an enjoyable light-hearted comic, and if you are a fan of Calvin and Hobbes or Mini-Marvels you would love this book. It is easily one of my favorite comics of the summer. Buy it if you can still find it on the racks.

The Incredible Hercules #132

Hercules replaces Thor. ’nuff said.

Okay it had solid writing and great humor. The story was a nice take on Mythology and sets out to explore some of Marvel’s pantheon. There is a twist at the end that I truly didn’t expect. Great read all around. Not to say Incredible Hercules #133 (released the same month) was bad. I just found myself enjoying this issue more.

and to finish out the Best Comics is

Uncanny X-men: First Class #2

I am a big fan of the X-men. It continues to be the only franchise from Marvel that I buy the most from. I am also a big fan of the early Claremont era of Uncanny X-men. It was an amazing time period, and this comic captures that era of comics perfectly. At the same time it updates the script work to where it’s not like Claremont’s exact style and the art does the work. I have enjoyed this comic immensely and recommend anyone who is a fan of the early Claremont X-men to pick up this title. Fun read.

That does it for the best. Join me tomorrow when I will post the worst comics of August and list my most expected titles of September.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.